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Post Extrusion Plastics Equipment Innovations

RDN Manufacturing Co., Inc., the global leader in post extrusion plastics equipment, develops hardware and software innovations to enhance extrusion productivity.

Software advancements bring corrugation cut-off to new heights

Graphic User Interface Screenshot
  • RDN Manufacturing's programming and R & D teams have taken their already revolutionary 'Corrugated Tube Cuff-Cutting System' to the next level. In order to keep up with advances in technology, RDN has designed firmware specifically to handle the high-speed requirements of a servo access control card.
  • Simply put, the system employs a photo-eye for speed-of-light accuracy in cuff detection. The operator enters a preset value based on length - not time measurements, via a user friendly Touchscreen. The system's photo-eye in turn signals the RDN controller using a high-resolution encoder to position the cut(s).
  • First introduced in 2001, industries such as Automotive, Medical and Small Appliance Manufacturers have realized and appreciated the beauty of the precision cuts offered by the cost-effective CTCCS. Now, those cuts are more accurate and faster than ever, with a simpler operator interface. This option is available on all RDN INTELLICUT® Servo Cutters; a Puller/Cutter is recommended for optimal results.

150' Water Bath In One-Fifth The Space

30 long Turn-Around Water Bath Providing 150 of cooling in one fifth the space!  

Our customer came to us looking for the longest Water Bath possible with the smallest footprint possible. For comparison, the 1st photo is a standard 10' long Water Bath that can take up to a 3" OD tube or profile. But our Customer needed more... much more!

Here's what we came up with for them. The 2nd photo is a 30' long "Turn-Around" Water Bath. The product passes through a total of 5 times, providing 150' of cooling in one fifth the space! The customer was up and running in no time - and still had room to move around.

RDN is committed to making your productivity possible.

Turning Gravity Into An Asset

Gravity as an Extrusion Asset Extrusion Productivity Post Extrusion Plastics Equipment Innovations
  • We feel it is always much easier to "go with the flow."
  • So when our customers come to us with their problem project, our engineers set out to solve it
  • By thinking "outside the box" we turned gravity - which can be one of the greatest challenges an extruder faces - into a total asset.
  • Creative thinking is one of our strongest assets!
  • RDN is committed to making your productivity possible.
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