RDN Manufacturing Co., Inc. is pleased to offer full turnkey systems development. We supply all elements for your custom extrusion system, simplifying the process from concept to installation and beyond.

First, our sales representative obtains initial information including product samples or drawing. Material specifications, quantity (typically, annual volume), tolerances, post extrusion processes required such as cutting or coiling, and all control requirements.

Our clear, concise quotation, including all equipment and auxiliaries plus terms, conditions, warranties and pricing, is then presented at engineering meetings where RDN and your engineers review all technical details. In addition, by using a variety of post extrusion machinery in our extrusion laboratories, we can assist you with your product development in a wide range of processes.

Next, your purchase order is reviewed by RDN engineering to insure all information is complete. Purchasing, scheduling and production control is processed by our modern computerized system with software specifically designed for RDN. Production of your custom-designed extrusion system is begun

After completion, your extrusion line is installed and tested at RDN. The complete system is run to establish process conditions and dies are tuned. Sample runs are made until profiles or tubing meet specifications. We train your staff in operation and maintenance of each component, cleaning and maintenance of the tooling and process training including starting-up line, bringing line to established rates, and shut-down.

With material changes or new products, you may require follow-up technical support. Our engineering and technical staff is ready to assist you via phone, fax, or with a visit direct to your plant. Come to RDN and you’ll produce more than better products…you’ll produce a better bottom line.

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