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For over 50 years, RDN Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer of post-extrusion products designed to enhance productivity, increase repeatability, decrease downtime, and reduce costs.

SP-24 Traversing Single Spindle Coiler
Our coiling machines are designed to consistently wind a wide variety of flexible extruded products. RDN offers traversing and lay flat coilers in single or dual spindle configurations.

What Is a Coiling Machine?

Similar in functionality to a winder, coiling machines wind material such as tubing, jacketed cables, profiles and lay flat products around a rigid spool/reel or cardboard core. The spool center core can be round, square or reeless with collapsible flanges depending on the intended application.

RDN Coiling Machine Types

At RDN Manufacturing, we offer an extensive range of precise, efficient, and durable coiling machines suitable for many applications. Our product line includes the following:
DSPH-24 Dual Spindle Intellicoiler

  • SP-24 Traversing Single Spindle Coiler/DSPH-24 Traversing Dual Spindle Intellicoiler: These coiling machines offer all-digital drives for enhanced speed and position control. The RDN Touchscreen control operator interface is capable of producing measurements in English or metric units. They feature TENV A.C. BRUSHLESS Servo Drive motors with Digital Drives for spindle speed and traverse, providing exceptional speed and position control.
  • SSW-12 Single Spindle Winder: Our machine offers a smaller footprint, which is ideal for applications in tight quarters or clean rooms. The Touchscreen operator interface is easy to access to streamline production. This winder includes a Sonic Loop Monitor and TENV A.C. BRUSHLESS Servo Drive motors with Digital Drives for hyper intelligent spindle speed control and phenomenal product traverse.
  • SPLF Lay Flat Single Spindle Coiler/DSLF-24 Lay Flat Dual Spindle Intellicoiler: These coilers provide non-traverse vertical coiling capability. Both lay flat coilers include the Touchscreen control operator interface and a TENV A.C. BRUSHLESS Servo Drive motor with Digital Drive for precise spindle speed regulation.

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At RDN Manufacturing, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality coiling machines for our customers. Our machinery is designed for quality material handling, ease of operation and consistent repeatability.
We are committed to serving our customers and accommodating their needs today and in the future. To learn more about our coiling machines and other services, contact us today!