At RDN Manufacturing, we design and manufacture high-quality, custom downstream plastic extrusion equipment. Below, we provide an overview of our pipe and profile saw offerings.

Our Standard Pipe & Profile Saws

Chop-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

Our Chop-Cut automatic traveling saws are suitable for rigid and semi-rigid tubes and profiles with O.D. up to 2 inches and cross-sections up to 3 inches by 6 inches. They offer high-speed performance with line speeds up to 25 FPM and cut capacities up to 25 cuts/minute. Key features include:Chop-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

  • Air-powered design: The small, air-powered design of these saws offers increased cut speed and capacity.
  • Adjustable flow valves: Adjustable flow valves help control blade travel speed.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers: Hydraulic shock absorbers cushion the table as it returns.
  • Chip pan: The inclusion of a chip pan facilitates particle collection for a cleaner workspace.

For more information about these cutter units, check out the online catalog page.

Cross-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

Our Cross-Cut automatic traveling saws are highly versatile, offering better functionality than many of our competitors. They are suitable for automatic inline cutting of rigid and semi-rigid tubes and profiles with cross-sections up to 6 inches by 20 inches. They can achieve line speeds up to 20 FPM and cut capacities up to 10 cuts/minute. Key features include:Cross-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

  • Air-powered design with hydraulic shock absorbers: These saws are air-powered in both directions. Hydraulic shock absorbers cushion the return of the table.
  • Above-the-table mounting configuration: The saw blade and AC blade motor are mounted above the table, which enables the assembly to travel across the table into the extrudate.
  • Limit switch: An integrated limit switch is used to adjust blade travel.
  • Chip pan: The chip pan collects any particles produced during sawing operations.

For more information about these cutter units, check out the online catalog page.

Up-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

Our Up-Cut automatic traveling saws are engineered for very quiet operation. They are suitable for cutting rigid pipes and profiles with O.D. up to 9 inches. They can reach line speeds up to 25 FPM and make up to 15 cuts/minute. Key features include:Up-Cut Automatic Traveling Saws

  • Heavy-duty construction: These saws are designed and built for superior durability and reliability.
  • Needle valves: Needle valves are used to control the table and saw travel rates.
  • Four model options: We offer four Up-Cut automatic traveling saw models. Each has a different saw blade diameter and motor size, resulting in different cutting capacities.   

For more information about these cutter units, check out the online catalog page.

All three of our automatic traveling saw lines have fully guarded saw blades, precision-finished inline rails and linear motion bearings, and pneumatic clamps. The fully guarded saw blades ensure safe cutting operations. The inline rails and linear motion bearings ensure the saw table travels smoothly with minimal vibration. The pneumatic clamps ensure a positive hold on extrudate.

Our Custom Automatic Traveling Saws

In addition to our standard selection of automatic traveling saws, we can produce custom plastic pipe, tube, and profile cutting saws for highly unique or specialized customer needs. Our engineers will work with your team to determine the right machine for the job. This includes:

  • Developing the right blade setup for the desired end result
  • Testing the saw on samples of your materials to ensure clean, accurate cuts
  • Including supportive features, such as polyurethane-faced pneumatic clamps, limit switches, and chip pans

Pipe & Profile Saws

What Are Automatic Traveling Saws?

Automatic traveling saws play a key role in post-extrusion operations. They are used to cut plastic extruded profiles to the proper length before they are removed from the production line. Their unique design enables them to clamp onto and cut into the extrudate as it moves downstream, resulting in better operational efficiency.

What Industries Benefit From Automatic Traveling Saws?

Automatic traveling saws are used in the manufacture of plastic extrusions for a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that commonly benefit from them include:

  • Custom piping: Automatic traveling saws enable manufacturers to cut extruded pipes made from different plastic materials and in different diameters to the proper length for the intended application.
  • Construction: Automatic traveling saws are utilized in various housing and other construction projects to dependably and quietly cut extruded materials to size.
  • Medical: Tubes are found in many medical devices and systems. Automatic traveling saws make it easy to cut these components to the proper length and angle to fit within the device/system.
  • Retail: Automatic traveling saws are utilized to cut various extruded materials for functional and aesthetic purposes in retail environments.

Why Work With RDN for Your Plastic Extrusion Equipment Needs?

At RDN, we are committed to increasing plastic extrusion productivity for our customers. By choosing us for your post-extrusion equipment needs, you benefit from our:

  • Turnkey system development capabilities: Our team can provide all of the elements you need for your custom extrusion machine, ensuring the system development process proceeds smoothly from concept to installation and beyond.
  • Product development & lab testing services: Once your machine is fully completed, we will run and test it to verify it works as expected.
  • Training and support programs: We can provide training to your employees to ensure they understand how to operate and maintain your machine. Additionally, if needed, we can assist with material changes, new product integration, and general technical support needs.
  • Easily maintained machines: Our machines are designed for easy maintenance, which minimizes the amount of downtime needed to keep them up and running.

Choose RDN Manufacturing for Your Post-Extrusion Equipment Needs

Need pipe and profile saws for your extrusion operations? The experts at RDN Manufacturing have got you covered! To learn more about our saw offerings and how they can be customized for your extrusion cutting needs, check out our product catalog or contact us today. Check out our full offering of downstream extrusion equipment to find other high quality solutions.