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Downstream extrusion equipment is designed to process and finish extruded plastic rods, tubing, pipes, and other products. Pullers and cutters are two essential components of the downstream extrusion process that have a major impact on the precision and quality of the final product. The puller provides a consistent pulling force for accurate extrusion sizing, while the cutter slices the extruded plastic into precise, predetermined lengths.

Combination Puller/Cutter Machines from RDN Manufacturing

1/4″ – 1″ Combination Pullers/Cutters

Featuring state-of-the-art, microprocessor-driven screens for easy setup, RDN Manufacturing’s INTELLICUT® Puller-Cutter systems enable high-speed, automatic straight tube cutting with minimal downtime and reduced material waste. Using servo-driven cutters and precisely controlled motor speeds, these systems offer exceptional cut length control and tight tolerances for medical cleanroom extrusion and other high-precision applications. 

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1/4″ – 1″ Combination Pullers/Cutters with Taper Tubing System -Version 9

Our powerful yet easy to operate medical taper tubing systems offer precise control of acceleration and deceleration for multi diameter tubing, allowing for close tolerances and identical transitions. Servo-driven pullers and cutters boost productivity while the system’s compact design saves valuable floor space. These systems also feature front-to-back and side-to-side cutter movement to extend belt life and facilitate string-up and coiling.

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2″ – 6″ Combination Pullers/Cutters

Our units include INTELLICUT® and SMARTCUT® options with customizable cutting capacities, pulling torque, and belt sizes to suit specific post-extrusion applications. Servo-driven cutters and electronic camming reduce maintenance requirements, increase productivity, and ensure tight cut-length tolerances for flexible tubing, profiles, and other extruded products.

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What is a Combination Puller/Cutter?

In combination puller/cutter units, the puller and cutter are mounted onto a shared base and are typically controlled using a single interface. The puller plays an essential role in controlling the speed of the extruded product as it moves through the system, which affects product sizing, cooling, thickness, and other important properties. After being pulled, the product can then be cut into specified lengths using the unit’s cutter.  

The cutter is designed to be moved away from the puller during startup, then moved back to its operating position near the puller to enhance the delivery of the pulled material to the cutter bushings. Combining pullers and cutters into a single unit minimizes alignment issues and enables improved control and coordination of the downstream extrusion process.

How Does a Combination Puller/Cutter Work?

The extruded material enters the equipment from the upstream side and is fed through the puller at a specified speed using two opposing belts with positive gripping action. Once the material has passed through the belts, the unit’s cutter is then moved into its operating position near the puller and locked into place. The material is then cut into the desired lengths using a rotating cutter blade driven by a servo motor. The cutter blade rotates in response to the electric counter’s signal in the on-demand mode, while it rotates continuously in continuous mode. After the pieces are cut, they can either be collected or moved along for further processing depending on the needs of the application.

What Industries Use a Combination Puller/Cutter?

RDN Manufacturing’s combination puller/cutter units are available in a variety of sizes with different cutting capacities and other customizable features to suit specific applications. These units support a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive. Our high-performance puller/cutter units provide the quality, repeatability, and tight tolerances required for the processing and finishing of extruded automotive parts and components. These units can be optimized for easy handling of tacky or otherwise difficult-to-process materials such as PVC and urethane.
  • Custom Pipe. For custom piping applications, we offer rugged, high-performance puller/cutter solutions that can be designed to accommodate pipes with various outer diameters. Cutting capacities and other features can be optimized to reduce waste, maximize productivity, and minimize cost.
  • Housing and Construction. The versatility and adjustability of our combination puller/cutter systems allow them to accommodate the wide-ranging shapes and sizes of the various extruded parts used in construction and housing applications.
  • Medical. Our combination puller/cutter units are well-suited for the processing of tight-tolerance and high-precision tubing and other medical products. With their small machine footprint and advanced digital controls, our cleanroom-ready units offer the accuracy, repeatability, and control required to satisfy the strict requirements of the medical industry.
  • Retail. In the retail industry, plastic extrusion is a popular method for creating the various shapes and profiles used in aesthetically-appealing displays and other applications. Our combination puller/cutter units help meet the retail industry’s unique demands by accommodating a variety of product widths and sizes.

Value-Added Services for RDN Extrusion Equipment

In addition to our post-extrusion equipment, RDN Manufacturing also offers the following value-added services:

  • Turnkey Systems. We can engineer and construct complete turnkey systems that are tailored around the specific needs of your application. This includes assistance with everything from concept development and process optimization to installation and follow-up technical support.
  • Lab Testing. Working with your company’s engineers, we can perform test runs with samples of your material or product to identify or design the best possible machine for the application.
  • Training/Tech Support. We provide thorough training services to ensure your staff can properly operate and maintain the machines we supply. Our engineering and technical staff also provides follow-up technical support to troubleshoot issues or make equipment adjustments for material changes or new products.
  • Repair RebuildWith our comprehensive equipment rebuilding services, we can completely reconstruct your post-extrusion equipment using the latest technological advancements. For non-functional or outdated machinery, we also offer refurbishing services aimed at restoring normal operations.
  • Instruction manuals. We provide thorough, easy-to-navigate instruction manuals on all of our post-extrusion products.

Post Extrusion Equipment from RDN Manufacturing

RDN Manufacturing is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of plastics post extrusion equipment for a wide range of industries. Our combination puller/cutter units come with several standard and optional design features aimed at reducing costs, decreasing downtime, maximizing profits, and solving complicated extrusion challenges. To complement our equipment, we also provide innovative hardware and software solutions that maximize extrusion productivity and enable intuitive control of the process. Our ability to think creatively allows us to provide carefully tailored post-extrusion solutions that deliver optimum product quality in even the most challenging extrusion applications. 

To learn more about our combination puller/cutter units and how they can be customized for your extrusion application, please contact us today.