RDN Manufacturing Co., Inc. specializes in manufacturing high-quality post-extrusion auxiliary equipment. Since 1967, our focus has been on improving efficiency and performance to become a global leader in the production sector of the plastics industry. To that end, we offer a complete line of equipment for downstream tasks.

Material Handling Equipment for Downstream Plastic Extrusion

The downstream extrusion equipment RDN manufactures includes:

Post-Extrusion Take-Away Conveyors

Post extrusion take-away conveyors

These systems are ideal for applications involving small tubing. A knife directs air across the conveyor by utilizing anair ejection option. This component has a variable-speed DC motor, as well as an SCR to manage conveyor belt speed, with a line voltage of 115/1/60. Take-away conveyors are popular in the housing, construction, medical, automotive, custom piping, and retail industries.

Dump Tables for Plastic Profile Extrusion Operations

As extruded material exits machinery, these tables provide a surface for the material to sit on while awaiting cutting. These dump tables systems are perfect for rigid profile applications, and RDN manufactures them in numerous dimensions. Dump tables are often found in the housing, construction, retail, and custom piping industries.

Coiling Machines

Coiling machinery is often a final step in the extrusion process. This downstream equipment winds materials like extruded plastic tubing into a coil around a center roller for easy storage. Both round and square rollers are available for this process. Also, the machine’s programmable slides determine the width of the coil.

Read more about our coiling machines here.

Benefits and Applications of Downstream Extrusion Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary equipment (AE), also referred to as material handling equipment, is machinery that manufacturers can add to the extrusion process for increased efficiency or system performance. Primary extrusion equipment carries out a vast spectrum of processes from injection molding to thermoforming and extrusion. Auxiliary equipment, then, supports the primary machines and processes.


Material handling equipment helps businesses boost efficiency in their operations. Using equipment like conveyors simplifies and streamlines processes, resulting in increased output and higher productivity levels with cost savings on labor. This equipment saves on production time, as well, given that AE enables faster order fulfillment. Material handling equipment can also assist operations in cutting back on excess inventory and better managing what is currently in stock.

In addition to affecting operations, AE has an impact on people. Reducing the manual labor involved in material handling means that the equipment is carrying out hazardous or strenuous tasks rather than a company’s employees. This improves safety in the workplace. Also, reliable AE can even improve the customer experience, as customers who receive high-quality products in a timely manner will have a positive interaction with that business and be more likely to submit repeat orders. Material handling equipment decreases the risk of product damage or error due to minimal human involvement.


Downstream AE is beneficial for a diverse range of industries to provide efficient material handling services like lifting, picking, moving, and unloading components. Sectors that typically use post-extrusion AE in their applications include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)

Downstream Plastic Extrusion Equipment From RDN Manufacturing Co., Inc.

From ideation to installation and maintenance, RDN Manufacturing is a full-service provider of post-extrusion plastics equipment of the highest quality. Our main goals are to optimize extrusion productivity and provide superior customer service. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that decrease downtime, solve problems, and improve your bottom line.

We will continue our commitment to serving our customers’ needs now and in the future. Contact us or request a quote today to begin your project with RDN Manufacturing.