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At RDN Manufacturing, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom downstream plastic extrusion machines. Below, we highlight our servo-driven cutters selection.

SMARTCUT® Servo-Driven Cutters

Our SMARTCUT® servo-driven cutters are simple and reliable. They are a cost-effective option for extrusion cutting applications that do not require sophisticated control. Key design features include:

SMARTCUT Servo-Driven Cutters

  • Integrated servo motor: The servo motor, combined with state-of-the-art circuitry, provides the cutter with better cutting precision and accuracy. It also requires very little setup (since the motor rotation is set at the factory) and very little maintenance (since all of the bearings are sealed and do not require lubrication).
  • High torque ratings: The higher torque capacities of these cutters ensure clean and quick cuts.
  • Easy-access machine housings: The internal mechanisms of the cutter are accessible for maintenance with just a quarter-turn of a screwdriver on the four housing fasteners.
  • Built-in storage cabinet: A built-in storage compartment accommodates spare blades, bushings, and other materials needed for repair and maintenance operations.

For more information about these cutter units, check out the online catalog page.

INTELLICUT® Servo-Driven Cutters

Our INTELLICUT® servo-driven cutters offer superior performance at a comparable price to traditional clutch/brake cutters. They have a number of advanced standard features that make them an effective and efficient solution for more complex extrusion cutting applications that require sophisticated control, such as:INTELLICUT Servo-Driven Cutters

  • Quick blade-change system: The cutter blades can be removed and replaced in seconds without requiring any specialized tools.
  • Quick-change bushing holders: The bushing holders are specially designed to allow for bushing removal and replacement without any tools.
  • Touchscreen controls: The touchscreen panel makes it easy for operators to input the necessary setup information.
  • Variable cutting options: The cutter has four cutting modes to suit different cutting needs: on-demand, continuous, continuous ratio, and timer.
  • Height-adjustable casters: The adjustable casters allow the servo-driven cutter unit to be moved in and out of the extrusion line quickly and easily.

For more information about these cutter units, check out the online catalog page.

Both of these cutter lines can accommodate extruded tubes and equivalent profiles made to a variety of sizes (0 to 4 inches for the SMARTCUT line and 0 to 6 inches for the INTELLICUT) and from various materials (e.g., PVC and urethane). They provide superior cutting precision and accuracy and hold tight tolerances at high extrusion rates, both of which help optimize extrusion productivity.

What Are Servo-Driven Cutters?

Cutters slice extruded pipes, tubes, rods, and profiles to the proper length, ensuring they are ready for use or in manageable sizes for subsequent processing and finishing operations. They are available in many variations to suit different production needs. One of the most popular is servo-driven cutters.

Cutters are downstream or post-extrusion machines that are installed after the puller units, which pull the extruded profile away from the extrusion die at a consistent speed. This uniform and controlled force from the puller machine affects the size, thickness, and other properties of the extrusion. As it moves out of the puller, the cutter shears it to precise, predetermined lengths. Once the pieces are cut, they can be collected for use or transported for further processing.

These units come in numerous designs and configurations, each of which is suitable for different extrusion operations. For example, servo-driven cutters are ideal for high-performance cutting applications since they offer simpler operation, higher torque capacities, and easier maintenance requirements than clutch/brake variations. 

How Do Servo-Driven Cutters Work?

As suggested by the name, servo-driven cutters utilize a servo motor to drive the rotating cutting blade. The motor operates an encoder unit, which sends signals to an electronic counter. In the on-demand cutting mode, the cutter blade rotates in response to these signals. In the other modes, the motor will still drive the cutter blade, but the blade will rotate continuously (continuous mode), in response to the belt puller speed (continuous ratio mode), or on a set time interval (timer mode). In any case, the rotation of the blade allows it to cut through the extruded profile as it moves from the puller unit to the cutter unit.

What Industries Use Servo-Driven Cutters?

Due to their simplicity, reliability, and usability, servo-driven cutters are suitable for the plastic extrusion operations of various industries. Some of the industries that commonly use them include automotive, custom piping, and retail.

Why Work with RDN for Your Plastic Extrusion Equipment Needs?

  • Easy maintenance: RDN’s machines are designed to optimize maintenance to go as quickly and easily as possible. Our machines are engineered to provide fast access to operating mechanisms which minimizes maintenance downtime.
  • Full turnkey systems development: RDN can supply all elements for your custom extrusion system, simplifying the process from concept to installation and beyond.
  • Product Development & Lab Testing: After your machine is completed, RDN will run the complete system to ensure dies are tuned and establish process conditions Our team can also receive samples of your product or material for further testing.
  • Training and Support: RDN can train your staff in the machine’s operation, maintenance, cleaning, processes, etc. Additionally, our engineering and technical staff are available to assist with material changes, new products, or general technical support.

Choose RDN Manufacturing for Your Post-Extrusion Equipment Needs

If you’re looking for quality servo-driven cutting machines for your extrusion operations, RDN Manufacturing has got your back! We offer revolutionary cutting units with a variety of features and options to suit your cutting needs. RDN also supplies all elements for your custom extrusion system, simplifying the process from concept to installation and beyond. To learn more about our servo-driven cutters and how they can be customized for your extrusion application, check out our product catalog or contact us today.